On Saturday, December 9th Tom Dupree, Mike Johnson and Kristy Maggard hosted the Tom Dupree Show.

Tom opened the show by talking about his new radio commercial that discussed mutual funds. He elaborated that if people had invested in mutual funds this past year, they might not know that they could be subject to capital gains tax, even if they did not sell the fund.

“A lot of people don’t know about this and are getting a surprise at the end of the year,” Mike added. He and Tom explained how taxes will be owed by investors because of the capital gain in some mutual funds.

They discussed how this style of investing is much different than what is done at Dupree Financial Group. At Dupree Financial Group, income is produced by dividends and interest, not only by capital gains. Capital gains are more unreliable.

Tom posed the question, “wouldn’t you rather have your money in an individually managed account where you are owning the actual securities and you establish your own cost basis?” He explained that you don’t want other investors and their actions to affect your portfolio. That is what happens in a mutual found, but not when you hold individual securities. As shares are being sold across the board by other investors, it can affect your personal investment within that mutual fund.

Then during the remainder of the time Tom and Mike gave updates on Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) and General Electric (GE). They discussed the investment thesis and the future business prospects of each company.

To listen to the full one hour show, visit www.dupreefinancial.com.

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