The Tom Dupree Show 8-9am 10-19-19

🔔The Market continues to hang in there despite all of the news from Washington. 🔔When God is your portfolio manager. 🔔More workers want phased retirement and not many employers are offering it. 🔔Hedge fund billionaire, Ray Dalio, doesn't think we are going to have a...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9am 10-12-19

✳️Hilliard Lyons is merging with Baird. 170 offices in 34 states and cutting jobs in Kentucky. What does this merger create for customers? ✳️Earnings season may not be as bad as Investors think. ✳️Blackstone sells last of record office purchase...books a 7 billion...

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The Tom Dupree Show 10-05-19 8-9 am

🔔The Dow is up after September jobs report ease recession fears. 🔔For young savers facing subpar returns...think long term and more about compounding. 🔔Scams that target the elderly are on the increase. 🔔Mutual fund ratings are often based on a decade's...

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The Tom Dupree Show 10-05-19 7-8 am

✳️The U.S. Supreme court takes on Louisiana Abortions case. ✳️Update and Tom's take on the Trump impeachment proceedings. ✳️Pelosi and Adam Schiff are denying Trump his 6th amendment right to confront his accuser/whistleblower. ✳️Impeachment through swamp covered...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9 am 9-21-19

🎯Index fund assets surpass active assets. What's the difference between the two? 🎯The number of Registered Investment Advisors hits record high. What does that mean to the consumer? 🎯How to avoid financial deadlock- or Worse-  after one spouse dies. 🎯Fed injects more...

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