The Tom Dupree Show 3-16-19 8-9am

Mike joins Tom for the 8-9am hour. 🎯Find out why dividend stocks are popular again. Why we like this and why we don't... 🎯Analyst are liking the energy sector better. Is it a "pipeline" to dividend income? 🎯The first line of investing defense is YOU. It is your money...

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The Tom Dupree Show 3-09-19 8-9am

Phillip and Guy join Tom for the second hour of The Tom Dupree Show. 🎯When planning for retirement...don't forget about inflation! 🎯Should you take a lump sum with your pension plan with interest rates so low? 🎯How can you be sure that your portfolio is right for your...

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The Tom Dupree Show 3-02-19 8-9 am

Mike and Guy join Tom. Just because the economy is doing well...does that mean the market will go up? What is the true cost of a "free" investment vehicle? Are there opportunities while you wait for stock growth? Want to invest with confidence? Listen Now!  ...

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