The Tom Dupree Show 8-9am 11-16-19

👉The dow jones hits an all-time high of 28,000...our take. 👉What happens to dividends during recessions and in bear markets? 👉Mutual Funds' embrace of high-profile unicorns backfires...why mutual fund values are confusing. 👉More Borrowers are going underwater on car...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9 am 11-09-19

🎯 Some times the stock market needs nights of faith…what does that mean? 🎯 Cash Back…Amazon is the fourth largest most valuable company…the importance of dividends. 🎯 Follow Michael Crighton’s rule…live out any fantasy through the artificial. Are you listening to a...

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The Tom Dupree Show 7-8 am 11-09-19

Maggie Middleton and Michael Overstreet join us from Lexington Leadership Foundation. The mission statement of the organization is People of Faith mentoring children of promise. They assign mentors to youth at risk…usually children of incarcerated parents with the...

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The Tom Dupree Show 11-02-19 8-9am

👍What history says about Stocks and the next recession. 👍To attract job candidates with autism, Microsoft is altering hiring practices. 👍Can $180,000 really last a 65 year old retiree until 100 years old? It depends... Want to Invest with Confidence? LISTEN NOW!...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9 am 10-26-19

👍If you are saving for retirement...remember....it's really just 20 years of unemployment. 👍Retirement savers are misusing target date funds. 👍The Yankees' decade of 2 billion spent and Zero titles won. 👍Trying to control your heirs behavior from the grave often...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9am 10-19-19

🔔The Market continues to hang in there despite all of the news from Washington. 🔔When God is your portfolio manager. 🔔More workers want phased retirement and not many employers are offering it. 🔔Hedge fund billionaire, Ray Dalio, doesn't think we are going to have a...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9am 10-12-19

✳️Hilliard Lyons is merging with Baird. 170 offices in 34 states and cutting jobs in Kentucky. What does this merger create for customers? ✳️Earnings season may not be as bad as Investors think. ✳️Blackstone sells last of record office purchase...books a 7 billion...

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