The Tom Dupree Show 7-8 am 4-20-19

Special guest Marcos Valdes, owner of Papi's Mexican restaurant in Chevy Chase, joins us on this special edition of The Tom Dupree Show. Tune in to hear Marcos tell his American dream come true story.    Disclosure The content on this site is provided as general...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8- 9 am 4-20-19

💥UK gets the largest grant in its history for opioid crisis. Guy has some interesting statistics 💥How big does your nest egg need to be? What is the magic number? Phillip's Apple Orchard approach. 💥Forget the 401K...let's invent a new retirement plan! 💥Your retirement...

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The Tom Dupree Show 8-9am 4-13-19

🎯What's in your ETF portfolio? Good luck finding out! 🎯The bull market has failed to fix public pensions. What's the cause and is there a way to fix it? 🎯It seems the bull market has no expiration date. Are the economic cycles changing? 🎯Real Estate funds have too...

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The Tom Dupree Show 7-8 am 4-13-19

Tom talks about his Harlan, KY roots. 🇺🇸The Last six months, the government has spent the most in a 6 month period EVER! One Kentucky politician is calling for cuts. 🇺🇸William Barr reviews why the Trump investigation occurred. Was the FBI spying on the Trump campaign?...

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The Tom Dupree Show 4-06-19 8-9am

Phillip and Guy join Tom for this edition of The Tom Dupree Show. ⚙️If you are counting on your home that you own to finance your retirement...you might be in trouble. ⚙️Everyone is risk averse to an extent. What is your risk tolerance? ⚙️States need to spend on...

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The Tom Dupree Show 4-06-19 8-9 am

Tom talks current events in the first hour. 🎯Trump threatens to override the Mexico trade deal with car tariffs unless the Border is secure. Tom weighs in on that one. 🎯Americans say that they dislike social media...But why are they using it so much? 🎯A shortage of...

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The Tom Dupree Show 3-23-19 8- 9 am

Guy and Mike join Tom for the 8-9 am hour of the Tom Dupree show. 🎯 How do you take a test drive of retirement...it's a big change! Budget. Lifestyle.Time management. Are you ready? 🎯 It doesn't look like there will be anymore interest rate hikes this year. What does...

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The Tom Dupree Show 3-16-19 7-8am

Tom talks current events on the 7-8am hour. 🎯 Robo calls are a chronic problem. Some people have just quit answering their phones if they don't recognize a number. 🎯 The College admission scandal. What was the motivation behind it? Does it indicate a whole new level...

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