One topic in this episode…Cash Flows. Everything else is a byproduct of the cash flow. A 401k …an IRA… a Roth IRA, a 529, whatever it is, all of those are byproducts of having a positive cash flow. And the idea of having a plan in place how to maximize that cash flow, given your situation.  Think of a 401k you have as part of your cash flow. That’s above what your living expenses are. Meaning you have coming into your checking account enough to cover your living expenses. So you have your living expenses in check with your income, but the extra amount goes into a 401k. Now that 401k… again, the first step was having your cash flow, right. Then you have the 401k. That’s the vehicle where your funds are going. But you also have an employer match possibly, well, that’s a way to maximize or increase your cash flow because you might get an employer match on your money that’s going into that each vehicle. Be it a 401k, an IRA, a Roth IRA, or if you’re self-employed, be it a SEP IRA or a simple, all of these holding tanks of your excess cash flow, have their benefits. And that’s how you use these things to maximize the long-term compounding of your excess cash flow.