A SPECIAL EDITION OF THE TOM DUPREE SHOW coming to you from Highlands, North Carolina. It is the gathering spot for Tom’s Bi-Annual Fields Family Reunion. This Reunion was started around sixty years ago by three sisters with the Maiden name of Fields. The offspring of these three sisters remain very close. The attendance at this reunion holds strong. The reunion is in the fourth generation of its founding.

In the second hour of The Tom Dupree Show, we are talking to Tom’s first cousin, Insurance entrepreneur, Will Galtney. Will lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Elizabeth. Will has 5 grown sons.

Will is President and CEO of The Galtney Group, Inc. The company is an insurance provider with many holdings. They specialize in medical practice insurance products.

Will and Tom talk about some family memories from Granny’s house. Will was also an accomplished Tennis player playing in the Southeastern Conference for Ole Mis. He talks about his time at Ole Miss.

Finally, Will takes us on his career journey which has been very successful and lucrative. He has been head of over five different companies. Will is the Lead Independent Director of Everest Group. Prior President and Chairman of Oxford Insurance Services Ltd. and Chairman of Gallager Healthcare Insurance Services. Before that, he was Chairman and CEO Of Healthcare Insurance Services.

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