Don’t Buy on Impulse or Emotion!

Why you shouldn’t buy bitcoin- “when you are hungry”- on impulse or with emotions. When you apply this to investing… there are natural tendencies or “noise”.

Level noise- a departure from temperament.

Occasion noise– can lead you to make a different decision than you normally would. The opposite of noise is not quiet but making decisions in a disciplined way.

The market trading on fundamentals…  like a clock.. is right twice a day. The market is not right very often. The market is trying to anticipate what the fundamentals are. It is ALL about supply and demand.

The federal reserve is going to sell off its portfolio. The Fed is starting to unwind what it has done with corporate bonds, treasuries, and mortgage-backed securities. Can we believe that or are they just making the next one bigger? The Fed is sending out a message. The market is getting worried about inflation. When the Fed starts raising rates…will there be a sigh of relief from the market?

The spiritual renaissance going on in China is unparalleled. Will China be communist in the next 15 years? The more the government tries to repress…the crazier it gets…the more control they lose.

There is a decline in the “G” rated movies. How subjective are the ratings?

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