👉Corporate Bond gauge signals dwindling economic risk. It signals complacency in the market…similar to 2007.  Have the seeds of inflation been planted?

👉Do you want to invest responsibly?  Wall Street smells opportunity. Could it be one of the best Wall Street grabs for marketing? From a Fiduciary standpoint…we don’t like it. There’s another aspect of socially responsible investing. It is guilt. It is a bigger trigger than greed. Wall Street is very good at manipulating investors.

👉Falling yields are a bond market puzzle. Wall Street says the trend won’t last. A well-diversified portfolio needs both stocks and bonds. Portfolio management requires a disciplined approach. It is trying to not let emotions direct the whole portfolio. That is why a team approach is so important to balance a portfolio, not just one person’s opinion.

👉There is a chip shortage making it difficult to make everything from cars to gaming devices. This shortage is causing a massive bottleneck in the supply chain. Will the manufacturers be able to adjust the usage? It could last a couple of years.