A SPECIAL EDITION OF THE TOM DUPREE SHOW coming to you from Highlands, North Carolina. It is the gathering spot for Tom’s Bi-Annual Fields Family Reunion. This Reunion was started around sixty years ago by three sisters with the Maiden name of Fields. The offspring of these three sisters remain very close. The attendance at this reunion holds strong. The reunion is in the fourth generation of its founding.

For the first hour, Edwin Cooke Rice “Cookie” is joining Tom. Cookie is 90 years young. He is one of two remaining members of the High Command (otherwise known as the oldest members of the extended Reunion Family.) Cookie’s Father bought the Coca-Cola distributorship in Springfield, Missouri some 100 years ago. It is now the largest Coca- Cola distributorship in the country. ¬†Three generations are currently working in the business.

Cookie has many good family stories to tell.

What went into building the largest Coca-Cola distributorship in the United States?