Tom Starts the Episode with Psalm 62.

Tom often takes stands that are unpopular. He comments on the recent adoption of June 19th as a federal holiday or “Juneteenth.”  This is not about celebrating emancipation, it is about expanding Federal bureaucracy.

In a time when businesses can’t get people to come to work because the government is paying them not to work. Now we are creating yet another government Holiday. Conservatives are so afraid of being called racists, this is an opportunity to score points with Blacks. When we can begin to see more freedom from this way of thinking, people can truly celebrate emancipation. You are not free unless you are free in your mind and not have to be told by a group that you need to act a certain way.

Because we don’t really have a functioning Newspaper in Lexington. We do not have coverage of what is going on in the city council and the school board. There seems to be a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and not brought to light. The Mayor of Lexington does not appear to be strong. Does Lexington even want a strong leader? Your property tax money supports the School system. Do you know how that money is being spent? What is the curriculum? Who is asking hard questions? You never hear anything about any of this! We really need some investigative journalism in this town!

In the second half of the hour, Mario Balaban from Project Veritas joins Tom again. Mario brings us up to speed with what whistle-blowers have been bringing them lately. The latest comes from Houston with a story from a local TV station. The latest on Project Veritas lawsuit with the New York Times. They have already beaten the Times in their attempt to get the lawsuit thrown out….a huge victory!  It is the first time in the digital Era that this has happened to the New York Times. There is a concern by the Times that others who have been wronged by the Times will also file a lawsuit against the Times.  You can donate to Project Veritas at www.projectveritas.com.