👉Warren Buffet calls SPAC’s (special purpose acquisition company) a killer. Everything is too expensive. It is hard for investors to find a home for their money thus raising the prices of everything.

👉What is a DOGE? It is a cryptocurrency and like an ETF. What is the value of bitcoin? Doge doesn’t even have that! DOGE  has gone up on the basis that Elon Musk is hosting Saturday Night Live. How crazy is that?

👉What is the difference between Speculation and Investing? There is a blurry line at times. Anytime there is a market that seems to be easy money that line gets more blurred. It leads more rational people to take on more risks. Two factors of risk are Time horizon and the risk associated with it. When you are investing you should be looking out 10 years. The longer you are invested in something the greater your chances for success than if you are constantly trading something.

👉The assumption when you are trading in risky things you’re assuming that you have a superior intellect about the “investment.” It sets people up for “Gambler’s fallacy”.

👉There is a great shortage in the workforce. Why work when you can stay at home and make more money. this is driving wages up just to get people to work. Rather than companies meet pent-up demand for goods and services, they can fill the orders due to a shortage of workers. It is a vicious cycle because this slows the recovery which extends government assistance and the cycle continues. a couple of Governors are trying to stop this cycle.

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